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A new model for employer-sponsored health insurance

Individual Coverage Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs)

Allow employers to offer tax-free reimbursements to employees for insurance premiums when enrolled in a health plan through the individual marketplace.

However, paying multiple carriers, plans and coverage for individual employees can be a huge administrative burden. 


The new 401k?

By shifting the paradigm from “defined benefit” to “defined contribution,” ICHRA could become the greatest shift in how employees access health insurance since employer-sponsored group health plans.

Employer Benefits

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Greater budget/cost control

Makes the healthcare benefit budget predictable and doesn’t fluctuate based on premium rates

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Reduced administrative complexity

Eliminates the burden and stress that comes with plan design and yearly renewals

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New benefits for new employees

Gives employers a new way to offer benefits to employees that may otherwise not receive any

Employee Benefits

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Freedom of choice

Employees have wider range of plan options than typically found in group health plans

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Plan portability

Unlike traditional group plans, the coverage is tied to the employee rather than the employer

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Tax advantages

Premium reimbursements do not count toward an employee's taxable wages

ECHO Introduces Automated Payment Solution to Ease the Premium Reimbursement Burden of Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs)

ECHO Health’s Premium Payment Manager relieves the heavy administrative burden of ICHRA reimbursement and helps ICHRA plans function like traditional health benefits.


The latest on ICHRA

“We take care of the administrative hassle of paying the premiums so that employers and employees can enjoy the benefits of ICHRA. We simplify the process so that we can easily work with any benefits administrator that is helping employees enroll for ICHRA plans.” – Tom Dean, President of ECHO

“ezICHRA’s integration with PPM delivers an ICHRA offering that works just like a traditional health benefits plan. To see employers renewing and paying exactly what they paid in 2020 in 2021 solidifies that ICHRA is the most significant change to healthcare benefits in decades.” – John Lombardi, Executive Director of ICHRA Payment Solutions of ECHO

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Employers embracing ICHRAs to empower employee health coverage decisions

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Breaking down the latest innovation in company-funded health benefits.

Adding payment automation helps an #ICHRA work like a traditional #healthinsurance plan, ensuring employers can meet the needs of a modern workforce – and capture vital cost savings.

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