Simplify ICHRA reimbursement

Make your ICHRA offering work like a traditional plan by adding payment automation

The Problem

When freedom of choice is a practical burden

We get it. Offering an ICHRA can leave you exhausted, paying multiple carriers, plans and coverage for your individual employees.

That’s where we come in. Premium Payment Manager, powered by ECHO®, provides an automated payment solution for brokers and administrators to enhance any ICHRA offering.


An inefficient reimbursement process

The ICHRA reimbursement process can leave you struggling to find time to collect forms, process correctly and store the recurring monthly requests.

Employees pay out of pocket for full premium amount

Constant “proof of coverage” documentation is required

Ongoing monthly paperwork for employee reimbursement and to ensure compliance


One seamless solution for managing ICHRA reimbursements

A payment automation solution that can be added to any ICHRA so it works like a traditional plan. Employees are removed from the process, alleviating the burden of managing paperwork and allowing time to be spent where it matters most.

Automate Carrier Payments

Consolidated funding enables appropriate carrier payments without employee involvement

Consolidate Payment Reporting

Access to real-time funding reports make employee payroll deductions a breeze

Eliminate the Paperwork

Get out of the day-to-day by eliminating reimbursement requests and/or substantiation documentation

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Premium Payment Manager processes adhere to all regulations to ensure “tax-free” status for all reimbursements

Payments Simplified

Powered by ECHO®, with more than 25 years of payments experience
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